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Ontario Dogs to Remain CBD-Free

The life of a dog can be an enviable thing, filled with sleeping, eating, and sniffing the butts of peers with impunity. But sometimes things go wrong, with the unluckiest dogs

Recipe: Cannabis-Infused Meyer Lemon Curd

Lemon curd is as versatile as it is delectable. This sweet treat of a topping fits right in with recipes for pillowy waffles, fluffy pancakes, yogurt parfaits, layer cakes, tarts, or

Elevation Gain: Cannabis and the Pacific Crest Trail

Welcome to Elevation Gain, where we’ll pair cannabis with hiking, backpacking, camping, and all the greatest aspects of the great outdoors … all summer long. Check out all Elevation Gain articles

Why More Seniors Are Using Cannabis to Sleep

 My dad spent the last two years of his life in a skilled nursing facility. He’d complain about the nightly noise—the screams, shrieks and cries of dementia patients—that made sleeping difficult.

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